What is Window Seater?

Window Seater provides high quality audio guides for rail lines across the UK and beyond. Our mission is to connect travellers to the world outside their window.

How can I get Window Seater? Is it free?

You can get Window Seater through the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Yes, it’s free. 

Where does Window Seater work? 

Window Seater is currently available on the following lines in the UK: 

  • London to Southampton
  • London to Bristol
  • Bristol to Severn Beach 
  • Bristol to Weymouth (Heart of Wessex line) 
  • Bristol to Worcester
  • Cardiff to Merthyr Tydfil
  • London to Oxford (via Reading)
  • Oxford to Hereford (Cotswold line)
  • Reading to Basingstoke
  • Reading to Gatwick (North Downs line)
  • Swindon to Cheltenham (Golden Valley line)
  • Swindon to Westbury (TransWilts line)

Plus three popular tourist lines in Thailand.

Do I need to be on a train to use it?

Although the audio can be played manually, by clicking the play icons, you’ll receive the best experience listening to the audio guides as you travel by train.

Should I use train Wifi or mobile internet e.g. 4G?

We recommend using mobile internet (4G or 5G). This is because many train operating companies do not allow streaming audio or video files through on-board wifi, so you might experience partly loaded content or delayed notifications.

What if a story isn’t picked up on my phone?

Window Seater audio stories are normally delivered to your phone via the app in a timely manner. As you pass a point of interest, you’ll receive a new story notification – just press play to listen!

However, the frequency with which your phone searches for these notifications can vary (particularly with some Android phones). If you haven’t received a notification but want to listen to a story, you are always free to press play on any story and it won’t cause a problem.

Does it work offline?

We are planning to provide offline audio in our next major app update, so Window Seater guides will play offline and you will never need never worry about having a stable internet connection.

I need help with the app / something isn’t working

The Window Seater app picks up stories that we’ve left (virtually) alongside train lines. So the app needs to know where you are (even if the app isn’t open), and to be able to notify you when it finds something.

Information on the settings you will need, plus help and a short video, are here: https://windowseater.com/app-help

Do you collect my data? What do you do with it?

Your movement and precise geolocation data (including background movement and location data) are not passed out of the app to Window Seater; it is only used to trigger content. We do not access, collect, use or share this data.

Our privacy policy is here: https://windowseater.com/privacy-policy

Is there text content for Deaf or hard of hearing users?

A forthcoming release will include transcript of all our guides.

Hey, you missed a great experience or story at X location.

Thanks for spotting a possible story to tell or Experience to visit. Please do tell us more and we will look at including it, via https://windowseater.com/contact/ 

Can I provide some feedback?

Yes and we’d love to know what you think! You can do so here: https://windowseater.com/feedback

Who is behind Window Seater and how was it funded? 

Window Seater was created by a team of friends who worked in development and tourism in Myanmar. You can find out more about them and the Window Seater story here www.windowseater.com/our-mission  

The Window Seater Community Rail platform initiative was built in partnership with Community Rail Network and was funded through the First of a Kind 2021 competition, run by Innovate UK on behalf of the Department for Transport and aimed at projects that increase confidence and enhance the experience of rail travel.

Questions, suggestions and complaints

For any questions, suggestions or complaints, please contact us, or email info@windowseater.com and we will reply to you at the earliest opportunity. 

~ For the travellers ~