Window Seater

Connect to the world outside your window

Lovingly curated audio stories as you travel

At a window seat we travellers become naturalists, anthropologists, or historians trying to piece the world together. So we’ve found and researched what’s outside your window and curated a set of audio stories for your journey.

The Window Seater app delivers these stories to your phone at the right time and in the right way, letting you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Our Trips

Thailand's Northern Line: Bangkok-Chiang Mai

An epic line through the many hearts of Thailand - economical, environmental and historical. And an audacious nation-building attempt of one of Thailand's greatest kings.

The Death Railway

Perhaps no other railway line has such a story. With surprising and amazing sights on the way, in this trip you'll come to understand Thailand and the context of this tragic tale.

The Thai Southern Line

For those heading to or from the ritzy and heady resorts of Southern Thailand, this is an authentic view of modern Thailand's everyday life.

ARRIVING SOON: The Orient Express

If you enjoy rail journeys as much as we do, you might be thinking of what you're going to wear in the dining car of the Orient Express. We're working on the answer to this and many similar questions!

North-South Line Viet Nam - Coming Soon

ARRIVING SOON: Viet Nam's North-South Railway

Could there by any railway that tells the story of a nation such as this? This is one of South East Asia's iconic journeys, and we're bringing this to you soon!